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Q: How do I choose which wiper is best for my windows?
A: The product comes in three sizes. Each one increases in strength of magnetic attraction:

  • T1 is best-suited for windows with a glass thickness between 0.08-0.3''/3- 8 mm
  • T2 is best-suited for windows with a glass thickness between 0.3-0.8''/8 - 12 mm
  • T3 is best-suited for windows with a glass thickness between 0.8-1.1''/12 - 24 mm

Q: Do I insert the liquid inside the glider?
A: No, you need to put the cleaning liquids on both sides of your windows. If you have just a bit access to the outer side of your window, so you can spray just on one spot, and then when you move the Glider around the window so the cleaning liquids will be all around the glass.

Q: Will this work on the front and back windows of a car?
A: The Glider is recommended for hard to reach windows. If you can reach the window it is better to clean it in another method and not using the Glider.

Q: I have very tall windows. would it work to cut the strength and tie more to it to lengthen it?
A: The size of the glass has nothing to do with the strength of this tool. Both pieces are always at the same distance (the four magnets) If you have double-pane glass, you will have to purchase a more powerful model.

Q: I'm concerned about my glass breaking. Is that something to worry about?
A: Not at all. Do not push, pull against the window, or apply any pressure when gliding. Allow the strength of the magnets to do the work.

Q: I live on a high story. Will this be safe to use on my windows?
A: Yes. Make sure you have your safety rope attached to the outside glider and have the other side of the rope attached to you or something inside.

Q: Will this wiper work on double-glazed windows?
A: Yes! The Double Glazed T2 Wiper has stronger magnets designed for double glazed windows.

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