The Selfie Stand - The New Garish Gadget You Cannot Live Without

Sep 16, 20
The Selfie Stand - The New Garish Gadget You Cannot Live Without

Today Garish Gadgets begins setting their sights on the content creator market with their practical, yet ingenuous new addition to the store's condensed catalog - The Selfie Stand.

The Selfie Stand launched earlier today and is projected to be the store's best-selling gadget yet due to its potential mass appeal for a plethora of different use cases.

The latest release is a 2-foot tall stand that can be bent into accommodating angles with a designated phone holder and tiny ring light, because what's a good shot when your lighting is lacking?

It is meant to challenge the problem most phone users (or most people, as almost anyone has a phone by now) have whenever they want to record themselves, live stream or video chat friends or family: sacrificing utilization of one or even both of their arms while doing these activities. It's one of those problems that become negligible over time, but it can be counterproductive.

The Selfie Stand is also meant to be an inspiration for aspiring content creators or influencers who need a starting point on a budget. However, this doesn't mean it isn't a great investment for other well-established creators on social media. This beats a tripod by a long shot, in my humble, yet very true, opinion. It is much more versatile with much more value with the added bonuses of the customizable ring light and USB power.

You're now able to free your hands while you record or live stream your hobbies, like cooking and doing makeup on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitch. FaceTiming the family no longer means hands getting tired from holding your phone for hours.

You open up new possibilities because life's greatest tools are actually doing great things, not holding a phone.

The Selfie Stand is currently on sale for 25% off, shipping worldwide. You should go ahead and get one for yourself, or for a friend or family who loves being in front of a camera.

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