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The Selfie Stand is the perfect tool for FaceTiming loved ones, video conference calls or getting a stable frame while you record or live stream on social media without having to use your hands and provide perfect lighting as well.

The Selfie Stand™
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Solve Two Problems with One Piece of Equipment

Free up your hands while you're on camera any time, anywhere with The Selfie Stand™! 

The Selfie Stand™ is the perfect tool for FaceTiming loved ones, video conference calls, or holding your phone while recording or live streaming on social media without having to hold your phone. 

It's included ring light ensures your face and background are well-lit, drastically improving the quality of your pictures and videos. Now you're free to do other activities while the camera's rolling.

  • Infinite Uses: Video chat your loved ones, make videos for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, or TikTok, live stream your day to friends, family and fans, take high-quality selfies and more with this professional and portable tool.
  • Built-in Ring Light: Take better quality pictures and videos. The included ring light provides terrific lighting in any environment. It has three colors and 10 brightness settings. Bad lighting and dark backgrounds stand no chance.

  • Flexible Arm: The 24-inch durable gooseneck arm can bend to any shape. Adjust it to any angle: portrait, landscape, upwards, you name it! The bracket clamp also allows the arm to rotate 360 degrees. Free up your hands when streaming, video chatting, etc.
  • Easy to Use: Flick the switch on the power cord to turn the stand on or off and adjust the lighting mode of your preference. The stand is USB powered, no battery needed. Plug into your laptop, power bank, or any other device that supports USB connection.

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  • Hands-free Usage - Clamp onto table, desk, bed and rotate any angle
  • 3-Color Lighting - White, warm white, warm yellow
  • 360-degree adjustable - Easily rotate the arm on the swivel ball head for the ideal angle
  • Compatible with Any Phone - Works well with all smartphones up to 3.6 inches wide 
  • USB Powered - No batteries needed. 55-inch USB cable ensures the stand will reach the USB port
  • Rubber Cushion Clamp - anti-slip, anti-shock clamp for stability and protects your desk or table from damage
  • Great tripod alternative


  • LED Quantity: 12 cold + 12 warm, 24 in total
  • Light Source Power: 12W
  • Clamp Material: Carbon Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Power Supply: USB 5V


1 x Selfie Stand with Ring Light


Q: Will this fit my [insert phone model here]?
Yes, we assure you it will fit most phones. Measure the width of your phone. As long as it's 3.6 inches and lower, you're all set! 

Q: Is the phone holder adjustable?
A: Yes. The phone holder adjusts to different phone widths, including the latest flagships.

Q: What is the battery life?
A: The Selfie Stand is not battery-powered! To power your stand, plug into a USB outlet.

Q: Will the light shine be too bright for my eyes?
A: No. The ring light is bright enough to well light the subject but dim enough to not strain the eyes. You can always adjust the brightness.

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